New Video: Upcoming DLC and Free Update detailed!

New Video: Upcoming DLC and Free Update detailed!
Team Radio is active

Before we start, is your headrest fitted properly? OK, good.

Welcome to Team Radio, the brand new series straight from the Playsport Games studio.

In this first episode, we’ve got a deluge of new info for you - whether you’re completely new and discovering Motorsport Manager for the first time in the Steam Summer Sale, or if you’re a seasoned spanner-wielding manager who’s been inspecting your parts for longer than you can remember.

We’re developing two brand new bits of content for Motorsport Manager PC:

1. A brand new piece of DLC called the Challenge Pack, featuring 12 new challenges inspired by the history of motorsport.

2. A feature-rich FREE update called “The Devil’s in the Detail” which introduces our most detail-rich data screens yet plus new features like run wide, corner cutting and weight stripping.

We’ve been listening to what you’ve had to say on the Steam Forums, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, and, from what we’re hearing, you want to hear more from us. Well, good!

That’s why Team Radio is here. We think the best way to communicate what we’re up to is to show you, and keep you abreast of developments as they happen. On this episode, we’re joined by Luke Finlay-Maxwell, one of the designers of the new DLC and free update. He’s promised to give us the lowdown on the whole shebang (you can see if he kept his promise by watching the video below).

Click this link --->

Phew, he did. We don’t have a release date yet – we are currently working very hard on getting all of this together and tested, but we’ll keep you updated. Rest assured we’re working on it! What we can say is that the free update will roll out to all users at the same time we release the DLC.

Speak soon,

The Motorsport Manager Team

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