New PC feature, team interview & Mobile 2 announced!

New PC feature, team interview & Mobile 2 announced!
It's been a busy few weeks...

Hello, managers! It's all going on at the moment.

Yesterday, we had the exciting announcement that Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is on the horizon! Check out this article for a full rundown on what to expect. In short: more depth, more awesomeness!

And, as you no doubt saw recently, we announced the rip-roaring new DLC in our new series Team Radio and FREE accompanying update for Motorsport Manager PC version. We're looking to release that DLC and free update in August (more news soon on an exact release date). 

So, with all of this excitement, we sat down with the team to discuss their favourite challenges from the new DLC - and they have the scoop on a new feature that is sure to be fantastic news for fans of the PC game. Keep reading for more information!

Up in Flames

The 2016 season has taken a horrific turn for Scuderia Rossini. During the tenth race, their star driver Wexler was involved in a severe crash and sustained life-threatening injuries! He's in the infirmary for the next few races: can Rossini get everything ready for his triumphant return?

Why is it a team favourite? 

Because of the limited time frame: with just 5 races in the challenge, every race result is vital. The new ‘Stay at Home’ injury feature (available to everyone in the accompanying free update) is also put to full use in this challenge, as players have the option to bench Wexler while he’s injured. Leaving a main driver at home allows them to heal faster and gives your reserve driver a chance to shine. Wexler’s injuries give rival driver Harry Chapman time to catch up in the Drivers’ standings, meaning that the last few races are always tight and tense in the fight for the title!

Surging Absurdity

While Energy Recovery Systems have proven to add suspense to the IGTC, Ernie wanted to take it one step further… Now, every car’s Harvest Efficiency dynamically changes to match their current position in the race. The car in first place receives 0% Harvest Efficiency while the bottom car gains a whopping 200%! Can Wolfhagen rise to the challenge?

Why is it a team favourite? 

This unique rule brings new life to the Energy Recovery System, levelling the playing field for this challenge. Races are often very close, with teams fighting back from lower positions thanks to their enhanced ERS. The challenge is also set in the GT series, but will be open to players who don’t have the GT pack. Finally, as with race sprinklers, this rule is added to the list that can be voted in by the player in their regular career if they own the Challenge Pack.

Fighting for Fifth

It’s the last race of the WMC. Chapman can secure the driver’s championship without even getting on the podium. However, after a crash-heavy and rain soaked first lap, the plan must evolve. Olivera is closing fast and her position will directly impact where Chapman needs to place. Can he overcome the odds?

Why is it a team favourite? 

This single-race challenge in Rio has been a regular sight around the office during lunchbreaks! The challenge starts during the race, meaning players will have to adapt to a developing situation. To succeed, players need quick thinking and a good knowledge of tyre management. They can also make use of some of the advanced standings features (coming in the free update) to see how Olivera’s position is affecting Chapman’s championship position.

Finally, a big announcement - Saving and Loading Setups!

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding one of the community’s most requested features – the ability to save and load setups! This will be available in the free DLC pack.

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