The Circuits: Creating the World of Motorsport Manager

The Circuits: Creating the World of Motorsport Manager

In Motorsport Manager we’ve created a world of 16 tracks, taking in the best of both modern day and heritage motorsports venues and creating all new ways for gamers to experience racing.

As opposed to reimagining real world circuits or upscaling those from the mobile game, we’ve started from scratch to create new locations that capture both the exotic feel of modern custom- built tracks to the more traditional with iconic classic styling.

It starts with a simple track spine. We took a look at some of the most famous race tracks in the world and tried to imagine how we would design them for twenty-first century motorsport.

There’s a mix of modern tracks with exaggerated, tight 90 degree corners and weathered strips of tarmac that loop around woodlands and hills. Each location needed to flow elegantly but also function as race circuit - with run off areas, gravel traps and all the trimmings of a real world venue.

From there, our designers take a track and create the world around it - from the landscape to the fans in the stand; each track needs to have its own unique atmosphere.

It’s the little details that often take the longest. While we could build a toolkit of assets to use throughout the world of Motorsport Manager, each track has a specific tone it. For example some tracks require designing of yachts in harbours, some are built into forests and others are built to race around the streets on a real-world city.

While we went through many revisions of each venue to make sure they were right, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just one iteration of layout for each track. There are various different forms for each, including ovals and wide American-style street circuits. Depending on decisions a player makes in the game, they may or may not race on the layout variants. The player will actually be able to influence what parts of the circuit the series races on. If your car favours ovals rather than tight corners, you can try to swing a vote that way.

As well as the track evolving throughout the season, it also needs to evolve throughout a race. As a weekend goes on, the appearance of the tarmac changes and gains more grip as more rubber is laid down. As soon as there’s downpour of rain this disappears, and so does the grip.

With each track in Motorsport Manager, we’ve tried to achieve the perfect mix of art and functionality.





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