The Car: Creating the World of Motorsport Manger

The Car: Creating the World of Motorsport Manger

When developing the all-new desktop version of Motorsport Manager, one of the most important elements was always going to be the car.

We’ve built the new car from the ground up as it was essential that we can not only create something that looks good - but also has the right functionality and in-game physics supporting it.

One of the first things that we needed to be sure of was that the car was not only adaptable throughout seasons but also throughout series. Players will take control of the development of the car and as they move through various Championships, the regulations and the level of development will also change and the car must adapt.

The player is also given the freedom to vote for rule changes in each series. We’ve developed certain variants of the car that some players may never see through one play of the game, as it will be different for each user depending on what path they take. Rules governing engine sizes, wheel sizes, tyre diameters etc. will all have an effect on the overall look and performance of the car.

Because of these underlying factors, developing a finalised design hasn’t been easy - at launch, there will be over 500 hours of design work just on the car.

We didn’t want anything on the car that was just for show. As such there was lots of speaking to racing drivers and looking at technical notes to make sure that various elements such as the ride height was correct, or whether certain elements such as barge boards and aerodynamic devices should present and where.

As the player progresses through the game, they will not only develop their team’s car throughout a season, but will also need to focus on the next season as well. It will be down to the player to make sure every element of their car is optimised to deliver maximum performance at all times.

Seeing the car come to life and how fans react to it is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time.





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