"From the Pit Wall" with Karun Chandhok races back with more installments!

Master analyst Karun Chandhok
"From the Pit Wall" with Karun Chandhok races back with more installments!
In case you missed it... car setup, aerodynamics, strategy!

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you - master analyst Karun Chandhok is back with more scintillating tidbits of information from the pit wall. 


You've already seen the great man tackle the subject of tyres, but today we're bringing you a roundup of the three latest and greatest videos in the series, as Karun covers the topics of aerodynamics, car setup and strategy. All of the tips and tricks described by Karun apply not just to the game, but the real world as well - so if you fancy a dose of information direct from a racer's mouth, settle down with a cup of tea (or your other beverage of choice, we're not fussy) and enjoy: 


Car Setup

From the Pit Wall - Car Setup


From the Pit Wall - Aerodynamics











From the Pit Wall - Strategy










Karun even tweeted about the series:

For those of you playing Motorsport Manager, check out our next video in our series "From the Pit Wall" @PlayMotorsport https://t.co/5bkiQTiJkS

— Karun Chandhok (@karunchandhok) March 24, 2017


Catch you on the pit wall.

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